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Dominguez Channel Enhanced Watershed Management Plan

Our staff led a team to develop an enhanced watershed management plan (EWMP) for the Dominguez Channel watershed for the Cities of Los Angeles, Inglewood, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Lomita, the Port of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County, This plan is a requirement under the 2012 NPDES permit for storm water discharges from the County and cities within the County.  The purpose of the plan is for the Cities and County to tell the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the regulatory agency enforcing the Clean Water Act, how they will meet their Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) obligations and how they will eliminate non-TMDL impairments in the receiving waters over the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years and beyond. Sophisticated water quality modelling was employed to estimate pollutant load reductions and receiving water effects under different Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation scenarios with an emphasis on achieving full capture of storm water (net zero).  The total costs of service for the new infrastructure, with financing alternatives and potential community value assessments were made. The outcome was a strong emphasis on integrated purpose projects that provided water supply and community benefits as well as water quality benefits..

NPDES Training Post Construction BMP Effectivenes, California

Our staff have conducted training seminars throughout the state for plan check engineers, regulators, and consulting engineers regarding the effectiveness and design criteria of non-proprietary and proprietary post-construction structural Best Management Practices. This seminar has been well received and attended by city building and planning departments. Conducted for:

  • County of Orange

  • City of Mission Viejo

  • City of San Dimas

  • ASCE Orange County Section training event

  • UC Irvine Extension Program

  • Watershed Management Course

  • UC Riverside Extension Program

  • Watershed Management Course

  • City of Oceanside

  • San Diego County Co-permittee Group

  • City of Camarillo

  • City of Moorpark

  • City of Brentwood

Storm Water Department Best Management Practice Criteria Development for the City of San Diego, California

Our staff led a team to develop criteria for ranking and rating structural treatment control best management practices (BMPs), green infrastructure and LIDs.  Mr. Haimann's team reviewed procedures employed by the state of Washington, New Jersey, the City of Portland, US EPA, and Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.  The team then consulted with national experts in BMP performance and developed pollutant removal criteria, data submittal requirements, and testing requirements the City could use to develop ranking or ratings of BMP performance within the San Diego hydrography.  This led to a system that would reduce the uncertainty regarding which BMP would be approved as medium or high effectiveness.

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