Staff Bios

Project Partners specializes in identifying, recruiting, and securing specialized individuals for assignment as adjunct staff with public agencies. Haimann Engineering specializes in helping clients craft effective programs for compliance with stormwater and other environmental regulations. Together, we are proposing an approach for NPDES compliance under the new permit and with the adoption of the WMPs and EWMPs where:

  • One or so staff would be retained by the City as adjunct staff at a rate that fits City financial requirements.

  • The staff would be supplemented as needed with Haimann Engineering expertise to help guide NPDES program implementation to be as cost-effective as possible while meeting permit, WMP or EWMP requirements. 

This provides the City with exceptional value – use of contract staff for the time needed to implement the program supported by specialized expertise. 

We have provided brief bios and resumes of some staff we have available. We have many more to draw from and can provide their information at the City’s request. The brief bios are pm this page with resumes following.

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Richard Haimann, P.E., D.WRE, CPSWQ, CPESC, QSD

Mr. Richard Haimann has been practicing Environmental engineering over 26 years and storm water compliance  engineering for the past 15. With his B.S in Civil

engineering, M.S. in Environmental Engineering, MBA in Technology Management, Professional Engineering Registrations in California and other states, and other certifications, he has served private and public clients throughout the world on a wide range of water resource and environmental engineering projects.

In particular, he has helped clients implement a wide range of management processes and technologies to stay compliant with their permits and stay within budget. He will guide our staff as needed to ensure that they meet client objectives and satisfy all requirements.

Nadeem Sayed, P.E.

Mr. Sayed has spent more than 20 years as a public works manager, managing a wide range of public works management activities, from NPDES compliance to public works capital improvement planning and implementation. He has managed tens of millions of dollars of capital public works projects and is highly familiar with getting financing, keeping projects on schedule and within budget in a public works environment. Mr. Sayeed is available for assignment.

Phuong Hunter, CPSWQ, QSD

Mr. Hunter has spent more than 20 years helping public and private organizations stay compliant with a range of environmental regulations from stormwater to waste management. He has spent the last 10 years in a public works environment managing NPDES compliance programs. He is highly familiar with minimum control measure development and implementation and keeps those programs within budget while showing high effectiveness. Mr. Hunter is available for assignment.

Kareem Zayed

Mr. Zayed has spent more than 10 years helping organizations implement stormwater NPDES compliance programs. He has managed monitoring programs, minimum control measure development and implementation, and special NPDES projects for public agencies and private companies. He has served as a NPDES inspector in addition to his other roles. Mr. Zayed is available for assignment.

David Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen has been helping organizations with stormwater and public works programs for 10 years now. He spent the first part of his career with the Los Angeles RWQCB in their stormwater permitting division and is highly familiar with their policies and procedures. Among his other duties, he has helped public agencies implement public works projects while staying compliant with stormwater regulations. Mr. Nguyen is available for assignment.

Allan Suan

Mr. Suan has been helping public agencies deliver capital projects for 5 years now. As part of this experience, he has helped them stay compliant with stormwater regulations for project implementation – new and re-development, construction program. Most importantly, he understands very well how public projects need to be managed to stay on schedule and within budget, particularly when there are regulatory deadlines for the projects’ completion. Mr. Suan is available for assignment.

Kamyar Amjadi

Mr. Amjadi has been conducting public works inspections for over 7 years. He is highly familiar with standard plans and specifications and can effectively evaluate if projects meet requirements or need adjustment. He has also been effective at finding win-win solutions when observations show adjustments are required. Mr. Amjadi is available for assignment.