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Stormwater Inspection Database Development for the City of San Diego, California

Our staff developed a structural treatment control Best Management Practice (BMP) database that the City used to conduct inspections and enforce BMP/LID maintenance as they were required under their NPDES permit.  The team captured as-built drawings from the City's files, developed the database architecture, functionality, and programming code, and entered necessary information from the City's drawings into the database.

Storm Drain GIS Data Conversion and Asset Management Strategy Development for the City of San Diego, California

Our staff converted 7,000 storm drain drawings into a Geographic Information System SAP data set that was used for storm drain asset management and work management programs at the City.  Mr. Haimann spearheaded the execution of an offshore data conversion process and brought expert asset management consultants to the City to do a quick start assessment or City processes, technology, and people for managing public works infrastructure assets.

Stormwater Program Strategic Compliance for the City of Anaheim, California

Our staff consulted to the City of Anaheim on numerous stormwater strategic program development initiatives.  Helped identify multiuse City projects to include in regional watershed planning efforts.  Helped identify strategies for responding to 303(d) listing proposals.  Assisted with preparation for RWQCB audits, which resulted in no citations.  Identified funding sources for city projects that improved water quality. Provided guidance on standard plans for green stormwater infrastructure in the public right of way. Assisted with numerous construction projects in a SWPPP review and oversight role.

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